Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy get results!Muscle tissue that has lost the ability to heal itself through dehydration, postural distortions, repetitive stress injuries, or post surgical recovery in specific/related muscle groups often needs help to bring in new circulation and repair the area.  That is exactly what deep tissue therapy accomplishes. 
Whether you just slept wrong on your neck or suffer from a complicated chronic pain issue, you will experience great relief and healing utilizing deep tissue massage. 

There is often a misconception of deep tissue work in the massage therapy field.  Deep Tissue should not hurt so much you feel like jumping off the table, but rather feel "therapeutically delicious."  Proper deep tissue is more about spending the time to soften and address each layer than it is about how much pressure or pain you can stand.  Trigger point therapy and mindfulness are my two special ingredients for making sure you get the most effective relief.

You will sometimes be asked to participate in process of loosening muscles by giving feedback, breathing, or doing movements that help retrain the muscle.  If needed we may also do hydrotherapy with hot towels or ice.
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