sound therapy with Solfeggio tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowlsExperience the exciting field of using science and sound in the healing arts! Sound therapy is a modality used to heal the energetic body. Specific frequencies of sound waves are used to unblock stuck/negative energy and reset cellular function to homeostasis.  Since we are all made of energy, clearing your energetic body improves your physical and mental well being and encourages healing on all levels. 

I have always had a great passion for playing instruments, hearing live music and studying the science of sound. In addition to my massage training, I have an associates degree in Recording Arts.  I never thought I would get the chance to combine both interest, until embarking on a new journey of learning how to heal using sound.  I have gone through official training and am certified in Somaenergetics Level 1 as well as Bliss Bowls Level 1 singing bowl training.  Utilizing tuning forks of the Solfeggio frequencies as well as singing bowls, I have combined a custom sound session designed to cleanse and enliven your energetic body. 

Collecting singing bowls, instruments and education that will further my knowledge in sound therapy has become an ongoing study and love of mine.
I believe sound therapy will show up in multiple future medicinal applications and is a powerful and fascinating branch of science meeting spirituality.  The study of how sound waves affect physical matter is called Cymatics.  Cymatics/Sound Therapy has been studied by the scientific and medical community for a long time now as a way of healing the human body.  However, the mainstream is just now awakening to the profound effect sound therapy has on our ability to heal ourselves, as the use of music that contains the Solfeggio frequencies, Binaural beats or induces the Theta Wave for meditation and healing are becoming more well known and utilized. 
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