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How To Cure A Sinus Infection Naturally
Hydrotherapy - The Power of Hot and Cold to Ease Back Pain
A Beginners Guide to Internal Cleansing for Spring
What is Ear Candling and How Do You Do It?
"The Emperor Has No Clothes" -Why DoTerra, "Aromatouch" and "Raindrop Therapy" is Dangerous and Unethical


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A Beginners Guide to Internal Cleansing for Spring

Spring Goddess Internal Cleansing for SpringAs the ground unfreezes and little buds of new life start peeking out with the promise of spring, there is a natural feeling of new freshness all around.  In holistic healing our bodies tend to operate best when our actions coincide with the seasons we are experiencing in the external world.  Spring is the perfect time to cleanse our bodies so that we can experience the joy of being in tune with the new life opportunities that the season has to offer. I began doing internal cleanses when I was only 16 years old and very much by trial and error.

What is Self-Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me.......


What is love?  Not just a question for the 90’s techno song but a deeply profound question that has been asked for centuries and will remain one of the most mysterious and unique of human experiences on this earth plane.  As a soul that seeks to understand the nature of love in my life, my path has continually seemed to direct me back towards self-love, as the foundation for comprehending all other forms of love.

How to Beat the Winter Blahs

As a gal from Wyoming and Norwegian by descent I’ve never minded all the snow and ice in fact I find it comforting.   In keeping in tune with the seasons I quite appreciate the times where I can hide in my warm apartment and watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy back to back with my kitties.  Winter is a time when everything in nature hibernates and is a wonderful time for silence and reflection.  That being said there are still those days where my van won’t start because it was -20 during the night, I can’t find a matching hat and scarf set to save my life and start feeling a little blah.

Believing in Abundance

We as the human race were given the gift of evolving on an incredibly abundant and generous overflowing planet of resources and potential.  What have we done with it?  Not only have we been destroying the very resources that would sustain us naturally but mankind has created a social system within the planet that is a lie.  The grand lie is that we don't have enough of what we need, so in order to survive, that some people get to live well, comfortably, struggling, poor or not at all.

What is Ear Candling and How Do You Do It?

Pineal Gland Eye of HorusEar Candling goes back to ancient Egypt and was not only used to clean the ear canal and sinus cavity out but was thought to open the “Eye of Horus” which was actually a reference to the pineal gland or the highest chakra (third eye). Medicinally ear candling draws yeast and ear wax out of your sinus cavity and ear canal by creating a vacuum with flame.  Ear candling is totally safe and can be beneficial to anyone but especially people that are prone to ear and sinus infections. You never want to do ear candling while you have an ear or sinus infection.

How To Use a Neti Pot

Neti Pot Usage
A neti pot is a small clay pot (you can findplastic ones too which canbe better inbathrooms with hard tile floor or if you have children where it'seasier to break a clay one).  A neti potlookslike a small tea kettle with an extra-long spout on the end used to run saline water through your nasal cavity.  You can buy them at any health food storeor online.  If you suffer from allergies or sinus problems, your first line of defense is a neti pot.  You can even use them if you just need to clean out your sinuses after being on a dusty trail or cleaning a dirty room to prevent infections and headaches from irritants.

How To Cure A Sinus Infection Naturally

I have struggled with a weak immune system since I was 19 years old.  I am now 32 and my biggest challenge every year for the last 5 or 6 years has been getting reoccurring sinus infections no matter what season it is.  Because I have gotten these so frequently in my life, I am becoming more and more resistant to the normal antibiotics that doctors prescribe to treat my sinus infections.  Besides the resistance you build up to the effectiveness, being on antibiotics further knocks out your immune system which can cause reoccurences immediately or open you up to other illnesses.

Energy Clearing For Your Home

The whole universe is made of energy. This is not some hippy ideal but a universal, scientific and metaphysical law. The interesting fact is that we usually only consider energy when we don't have it or when it is not working the way we want it to. Our electricity in our house can go out in a storm, we can get sick and loose our physical energy and then there is a less obvious form of energy that lives within spaces that can also "go bad". You may not notice this kind of energy directly but intuitively we know when we are around a person or place that doesn't sit well with our comfort level for whatever reason.

5 Super Foods for Nutrients and Energy

Food in modern times has become more about comfort and indulgence than health.  There is however the school of thought that food can be used as medicine.  The following is a short and quick list of 5 superfoods that are safe, easy to prepare, and can have amazing far reaching health benefits!  

1. Unprocessed Cacao Beans(beans chocolate is made from)  
Unprocessed Cacao beans by themselves or in the form of chocolate that has been cool pressed rather than roasted (so it does not destroy the health properties from heat) are among one of the highest antioxidant rich foods in the world.

Hydrotherapy - The Power of Hot and Cold to Ease Back Pain

Do you want an easy and cheap way to soothe back pain or any kind of joint/muscle pain in between massages?

Hydrotherapy has been used since ancient days because of its accessibility, instinctive healing properties and soothing comfort. Hydrotherapy can be described as the application of water in its three forms either solid, liquid or vapor to internally or externally treat disease or trauma in the body. We have all used it at one time or another without knowing that it had a name, such as using ice on a sprain or hot water bottles on aching muscles.
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