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What is Ear Candling and How Do You Do It?

Pineal Gland Eye of HorusEar Candling goes back to ancient Egypt and was not only used to clean the ear canal and sinus cavity out but was thought to open the “Eye of Horus” which was actually a reference to the pineal gland or the highest chakra (third eye).  Medicinally ear candling draws yeast and ear wax out of your sinus cavity and ear canal by creating a vacuum with flame.  Ear candling is totally safe and can be beneficial to anyone but especially people that are prone to ear and sinus infections.  You never want to do ear candling while you have an ear or sinus infection.  Wait until your infection is completely out of your body and then use ear candling as a preventative method.  As someone who has used ear candles for the last 17 years I recommend the beeswax ones over the linen ones as the beeswax doesn’t burn down as fast or get clogged as easy as the linen ones.  I would suggest doing ear candling every 4 months, after you have had a sinus infection or when you can feel any buildup or pressure in the ears from too much wax.   It helps to have someone with you to help or do this for you but you can do ear candling by yourself as long as you are careful to watch the flame and make sure it doesn't drop on your hair, bed or clothing.

Supplies you will need:
  1. 2- 4 Beeswax Ear Candles (If you live in Casper,WY then Alpenglow Natural Foods is only place that carries these)
  2. Lighter
  3. Scissors
  4. Large cup halfway full of water
  5. A bobby pin opened up or other medal skinny poker (to unclog candle)
  6. Tea Tree Oil or Olive Oil
  7. Q-Tips and Cotton Balls
  8. Rubbing Alcohol  

Women using ear candle
Ear Candling Instructions:
  1. As a precautionary measure to infection, put a drop or two of olive oil or tea tree oil on q-tip and swab in and around ear canal.
  2. Light the wider end of one ear candle and lay down on your side.  Put the narrow end of ear candle in ear just over your ear canal – it doesn’t have to be actually in your ear just close enough to close the gap of air to create a vacuum effect (if you see smoke out of the corner of your eye you don’t have it close enough to your ear)
  3. You will feel a pleasant warm feeling in your ear and hear a slight crackle as everything begins loosening up and then after a few minutes you will actually feel the candle drawing wax and yeast out of your sinus cavity (your face will feel a tightening sensation and sometimes it feels like your head is getting lighter in weight).
  4. About every 2-4 minutes you need to cut ear candle down as it burns to prevent burnt linen portion from dropping down on your hair, face or bedding.  Take ear candle out of ear area and hold lit ear candle over your water cup.  Cut only burnt portion off but not so much that you extinguish the flame (it should still be lit the whole time you are doing this).  You also need to be taking candle out of ear to check that the end that goes in your ear isn’t clogged.  You can tell when it is clogged because you won’t be able to see smoke coming out of the bottom when you take it away from your ear or you just won't feel it drawing anything out anymore- if end is clogged take your opened bobby pin or poker and simply hold over your water cup and unclog.
  5. Continue ear candling while cutting down and unclogging until you have burned ear candle to half way.  You will then be done with that ear or if you feel like you haven't gotten everything out,you can do a second ear candle on that ear to continue to draw wax and yeast out.
  6. You may now switch to other ear and do your other ear for 1 or 2 ear candles.
  7. Dip several q-tips and cotton balls in rubbing alcohol and clean around the ears and almost inside but never put q-tips all the way inside ears as you can puncture the ear drum.  When you have cleaned the yellow film (yeast and wax) reswab ears with olive oil or tea tree oil to prevent any infection
  8. If you want to see how much gunk (yeast and wax) you drew out of your sinus cavity and ears you may cut sides of ear candle open and carefully open up to see.  Do not play in or touch gunk as it can cause infections.  Below is what your used ear candle will look like.  I once burnt an ear candle down by itself without using it on my ear to see if this debris actually came out of me or was something from the ear candle, as I was skeptical and yes it is actually from your body and not the ear candle.

Used Ear CandleYou are now done and need to properly clean up.  Use cotton balls with rubbing alcohol to clean your scissors well.  Dump the cup with the burnt debris outside in the yard and throw away any larger pieces of burnt ear candle (You don’t want to clog your toilet or sink with the burnt ear candle pieces).  Bleach cup and wash your hands thoroughly before touching anything else.  You will feel like your head is ten pounds lighter and drier in a good way.  Try to relax while you are doing ear candling and more will be released.  If your ears feel slightly more sensitive or the tiniest bit soar after ear candling, this will go away in a few hours and is not an indicator of anything wrong.  

**** I am not a doctor and nothing in this article/website is suggesting that I amThe information contained in this article/website is not intended to replace professional medical counsel concerning small or serious ailments.  You assume all risk in trying any suggestions learned from this article/website.  You should always consult your doctor if you have any questions or worries about anything concerning your physical or mental health.  The knowledge shared within this article/website are simply ideas and theories based upon my own personal studies and experience throughout 17 years of holistic living and trying these things myself.

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EWP Training Melbourne on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 10:47 AM
I share this information quite a bit so I thought it would be helpful to me as well to have some of the best pins in one post.
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Home & Kitchen Appliance on Saturday, June 27, 2015 12:23 AM
This post is related with what I’m concerned with and it’s fantastically made. Thanks very much for your hardworking.
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Evelyn on Sunday, March 13, 2016 2:41 PM
Therapeutically ear candling draws yeast and ear wax out of your sinus pit and ear waterway by making a vacuum with fire. Ear candling is absolutely protected and can be advantageous to anybody however particularly individuals that are inclined to ear and sinus diseases. Thank you so much for this ear issue.
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Bradon Bros on Friday, June 01, 2018 4:03 AM
posts like this always help me to gain more knowledge.
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phd dissertation writing service on Friday, June 08, 2018 4:50 AM
Ear candling? That's pretty interesting. I will read more about it.
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