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The Ultimate Guide to Holistic Cancer Care

Forward: I survived and chose my whole career to help bring this information to as many people as possible so this article is a major part of my heart and soul and gift to others.  I will continually be adding more to it as it is such a large and important subject I am always thinking of more resources to add.  Also because there is so much out there written about this subject matter you will find throughout the text additional articles on subjects where I didn't want to reinvent the wheel so to speak.  Please note that I am not a doctor and that every person, body, diagnoses, cancer and case is extremely different and any suggestions in this article are only that- suggestions made by a cancer survivor who has studied holistic healing for almost 20 years.  I assume no liability whatsoever for the following suggestions.  You should always check with your doctor or care team about anything you add to traditional treatment and follow your best judgment.  Thank you and enjoy!
This article is dedicated to my friend Rob, my Aunt Nawal who passed away from cancer, my Aunt Christie and grandmother Caroline Ebeid who have both survived it multiple times and anyone else on this planet going through the scary and massive lesson that cancer is.  I love you all and wish you the best of hope and healing!

I am almost 12 years in remission for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
I always liked the word re-mission because I believe we all have a mission here as spiritual beings and when the vehicle in which your spirit lives (the body) is threatened then so is your mission here on earth.
When you are well again you can resume your mission which is exactly what I have had the privilege to do.

My mission is to spread knowledge of the holistic methods I used to heal from my cancer so that others facing small or large health crisis, have access to the same hope, options, love and support that graced my life.  I think anyone facing health issues naturally ask themselves, “Why is this happening?”  In regards to cancer and many other dis-eases in the body there is a scientific and fundamental breakdown of cellular health and therefore general homeostasis.

This can be from genetics, environmental toxins or ill- informed lifestyle choices.  However I must discuss my belief that emotional negativity/stress is just as powerful of a force as any tangible reasons for disease to build in the body.  After all, life breaks down our mind and spirit slowly through each misunderstanding, anger, disappointment, insult, and abuse we experience, creating an energetic breakdown in our connection to balance, and to our higher, wiser source of intuition and feeling.  This is why holistic treatment of any ailment is so important.  There can be multiple factors that cause an imbalance in the triune that is the body/mind/spirit vehicle.  Therefore healing must be approached from the same comprehensive standpoint.  This means that when we asked ourselves, “Why is this happening?” in regards to health issues, we have to look at the whole bigger picture and also ask ourselves, ” What is off balance in my life?  How did I get here and why did I create this lesson?”

In this world it can be incomprehensible as to why we have to go through so much pain and suffering.  However, I have found comfort and truth in one very important thing……we cannot always see the bigger spiritual picture and we are not meant to at the time.  I believe each of our souls and hearts asked to be taught a certain lesson or wished for something long ago that we forgot we asked for.  Sometimes in order to achieve what we asked to learn, our lives seem to bring in much adversity to be our teachers.  Naturally and rightfully it can make one livid with depression, anger and confusion.  It can cost you your joy, sanity and will to live.  During and after the hardest things in life- death, illness, abuse, hate, war, poverty etc. is the time to guard our personal power.

What I mean by this is that if we linger too long feeling like a victim, it is easy to unintentionally give away all our power.
If we are declaring that something external has the power to control our lives, we are unintentionally declaring at the same time that we have no power to create something beautiful from our experience, survive and be a spiritual soldier completing our missions with grace and love.  I know firsthand because I lost my power along the way; I gave it up freely and have only recently returned from my hiatus to reclaim it.  No one can tell you how to get through this process or how long it will take to return to this truth but if you plant the seed of this idea, it will germinate and grow as it needs to.

“Whatever life takes away from you, let it go.
When you surrender and let go of the past, you allow yourself to be fully alive in the moment.
Letting go of the past means that you can enjoy the dream that is happening right now.”
– Don Miguel Ruiz from “The Four Agreements”

Whether you suffer from cancer, lupus, M.S., diabetes, depression, anxiety, addiction, spiritual, mental, or physical injuries; whatever it is you have a right to feel whatever you feel about it.  You may do whatever you chose to do about it.  But however you deal with your cards, eventually you will reach a point where you decide to either resent or thank your “teacher”.  Part of holistic healing is choosing to take accountability for the power you actually have.  This occurs first by contemplating that everything in your life exists as it does because you have created it that way.  It can be invigorating to take responsibility for changing what lessons you don’t need anymore and bringing in the ones that you do.  Being proactive, willing to be a humble student and remembering the joy in realizing there is so much you don’t know and still to discover beyond previous limiting belief systems will save you.

My biggest experience of this whole theory was using a holistic approach to heal from my own cancer at 19 years old.
The biggest crosses I have experienced in my life were the threats posed to my health, my peace, joy and my desire to be of service to others.  It took me a long time to begin to accept the fundamental spiritual principle in yin and yang, that we cannot evolve and thrive without adversity, agitation and threats to our survival.  I wouldn’t have learned what I was meant to spend my life on if it weren’t for a world I perceived to be working against me.  I went through my return of Saturn and decided to believe once again that the universe is for me, it is rooting for my abundance, success, joy and happiness.  Everything is unfolding exactly as it needs to.  I have my power back and I want to help empower you, you who are suffering and wondering “Why is this happening to me?”  Even though no one can answer that for you, I can share with you activities and lifestyle changes that create a fertile environment for answering that question and holistically healing whatever life cross you find yourself bearing.

You have a choice on what happens to your health and spirit.
You can choose to work in conjunction with the traditional western medical system or without it but you don’t ever have to feel shuffled and hearded around from one test and needle prick to another if you don’t want to.  You don’t have to live in fear, despair or hopelessness.

The following are general ideas and concepts for you to delve into deeper on your own, chose one or all and I guarantee you will be beginning an empowering journey through a unique educational experience that could just save your life!
Keep in mind that there are a million articles written on this subject I am merely giving you what I have tried and done myself with success and my suggestions from what I have learned as a cancer ass kicker.

ALSO, keep in mind that there is a very real and silent attack on inexpensive, natural holistic therapies and cures.
Why? - Because big medical/pharmaceutical companies stand to lose a lot of money if you know about these things.
That is why you don’t hear about fabulous natural cures and they purposely aren’t publicized.
If you don’t believe me, trace where the profits from traditional cancer or any disease treatments are going and you will see why holistic cures are purposely chastised, discouraged and shunned.
It is not because they are dangerous or ineffective towards your health; they are only dangerous and ineffective to the money wheel of major corporations and insurance companies.

Never underestimate the amount of lies you have been told, find the truth yourself, find the correlation between the physical and spiritual/mental bodies and perceptions, if you heal one you are healing the others at the same time.  You don’t need anything that mother earth hasn’t already provided.


Your body is an amazing machine in that it has every built in self-healing mechanism you could ever need if the bodies systems are in balance and fed what they need.  It makes sense that to start correcting any imbalance in health you should clean everything up just like a house.  Is it any wonder why our grandparent’s generation could eat bacon every day and smoke cigars and still live to 90 with no health problems?  Because we live in a highly toxic world compared to that generation and we need to start taking that into account with regards to our health questions.  Our water is polluted and constantly treated, the soil our foods are grown in is poisonous, our foods are modified and processed with chemicals and toxins, we are abusing prescription drugs, and our air is heavily laden with smog and too many lights while electromagnetic frequencies bombard us night and day.  In eastern medicine it is believed that most diseases begin in the colon.  After all the balance of intestinal flora or “good bacteria” vs. “bad bacteria” makes up a huge part of your immune system and is where your body eliminates waste so this makes sense that it greatly affect your overall health.  You should be eating yogurt, kefir and /or taking a probiotic supplement every day several times a day and taking fiber of some kind along with a healthy diet if you are having any type of digestive trouble eliminating properly.  In an optimally healthy person you should be having three bowel movements a day.  Most people only have 1 because of poor diet.  Most people also have on average up to 5-10 lbs. of decaying fecal matter trapped in their colons, rotting away and waiting to break down our health.
When you look at these facts most people could stand to do a cleanse and/or pay better attention to their colon health.
See the following article I compiled: HOW TO DO A CLEANSE on how to do an official cleanse to detoxify your body and keep your colon clean, so that you can do this at any time you need to.

Throw out all cleaners and personal beauty products that are poisoning you (and most of them are).
Seriously, if you think that stuff doesn’t affect you when it is in your air you breathe or absorbing in your skin you will be amazed how much better you feel when it is not around anymore!  Go back to nature and either buy or make your own home and personal beauty products, not only will you be helping your health but you will systematically be boycotting inhumane, greedy companies and the consumerist lifestyle belief that what we need is provided by someone else and out of our control.  You can clean your whole house, laundry and car with simple things like vinegar, borax, baking soda, essential oils and Dr. Bronners or any natural castile soap.


When people hear the word macrobiotic they automatically want to make fun of it or intimidated by it being something complicated concept they don’t have the time for.  But I am here to tell you, Macrobiotics is a diet that is based on the crazy eccentric hippie notion that we should only eat things that come from the earth, eat them in season with when they grow and use food to balance various physiological systems, emotions and PH levels.  As a culture here in America we have gotten so far of course with our attitudes towards food.  Eating a Macrobiotic diet not only supports our bodies and brings them back to balance but supports our earth because it teaches us how to choose foods that are sustainable and available in order to be in balance with our environment.  Eating locally and in season prevents a dangerous reliance on globalized food sources that in a state of conflict or lack of transportation would starve us to death.  A macrobiotic diet boycotts inhumanely raised meats and animals by-products bringing awareness to the slaughter and inhuman treatment of animals or ruining farmlands with chemicals therefore making land unusable for future generations.  My journey of learning about macrobiotics was fascinating and rich with reward.  I learned that foods can be yin/yang, contractive/expansive to my moods and body.  Studying a macrobiotic diet is where I learned to truly use my food as medicine and starting exploring an exciting variety of unique, delicious and energizing superfoods, including fruits, veggies, grains, and seaweeds, teas etc. that I didn’t even knew existed and make me feel amazing!  You don’t have to follow just macrobiotics or any diet completely but once you introduce yourself to macrobiotics it propels you into at least attaining the knowledge you need about balancing your food choices and from there you can decide what works best for you and is most enjoyable.

Additional Articles:

Our diet and other lifestyle choices contribute to either an acid or alkaline state in the body.  A body that is constantly too acidic begins to breakdown health in every system of our body and is very dangerous.  Too much acidity is a breeding ground for cancer, immune problems and many other serious diseases.  Some of the below are examples of what an acidic body can cause:  The average healthy ph level for the human body is ideally between 6.0 and 7.5.  You can buy ph test strips online or at drug stores to test your ph. level.  See this wonderful article for more in depth information as well as an excellent chart of acid vs. alkaline foods.
Additional Articles:

Three methods of Alkalizing I personally know of and use are by taking:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar: Contrary to it being vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar brings the body back to an alkaline state when taken daily.  Quality, organic apple cider vinegar has multiple health benefits too many to count even so it is a wonderful thing to incorporate into your health regime no matter who you are.  You can put it in honey and water and make a drink out of it or just take 1-2 tablespoons a day straight with water to chase.

2. Pickled Umeboshi Plums:  Extremely alkalinizing, pink-red, pickled plums with sour salty taste, anti-bacterial for intestines, counteracts upset stomach, hangovers, fatigue.  It is rumored that Shaolin monks ate of these a day for optimum health.  Can buy whole plums to eat or in a paste form for sautéing in with vegetables or in dressings.
Found at any health food store or online.

3. Kombucha Tea: Known to fight cancer, buy or make your own!

Oxygenate!  There has been much research done on the theory that cancer cannot survive in high oxygen environments.  Even though there are several oxygen therapies out there, the best, easiest and most inexpensive way is through your diet by drinking wheatgrass.  Even if you don’t have cancer, our bodies are starved for oxygen!  To oxygenate your blood learn how to grow your own Wheatgrass and juice it daily.  You can also begin taking a supplement called cell food that increases the oxygen levels in our bodies.

Wheatgrass is one of the most nutritious substances we can ingest.  When I was sick I juiced my own.  I bought whole flats of it from someone else who grew it.  Even though you can grow your own it can be a bit of a process especially when you aren’t feeling well.  I drank almost 8oz. a day.  Wheatgrass is a known cure for cancer and protects and nourishes your whole body including your organs from the toxic effects of chemo and radiation.
If you do nothing else holistic during your cancer treatment I highly recommend drinking wheatgrass to cure cancer!!!!
Wheatgrass is highly oxygenating to the blood and one ounce contains the amount of vitamins and minerals in up to 20lbs of fruits and vegetables!  You can’t find a more alkalizing or nutritious source of nutrients on the planet!  Use it to counteract toxic treatments like chemo or radiation or just use for better health in general.  When I was sick I drank 4-8oz. of wheatgrass a day.  I didn’t know about cell food then, but have recently discovered it and been taking it daily.
In addition to oxygen, the cell food contains many minerals our bodies are starved for that are needed to correctly complete many cellular functions for our bodies to operate properly.  You can buy wheatgrass growing kits and cell food at Natural Grocers or online.  In order to juice your wheatgrass you will need a special finer mesh juicer that you clamp to your counter.  Once again bought online these are very inexpensive.  I have provided links so you can easily purchase online or see what these look like to shop locally.  
People may argue that past generations of humans didn’t need to take supplements before why start now?
Well the food of the past was grown in a sustainable organic way and the soil and water was clean and full of trace minerals and elements.
Our soil and water and therefore food in modern times is not nearly as nutrient rich as it once was creating the need to supplement our diet with certain additional vitamins and minerals.  At very least everyone should be on a multivitamin that is food based and preferably liquid because the body absorbs and uses this kind the best so you don’t waste your money and get the maximum benefit.  Most cities have a wellness screening facility where you can do a simple $20 CBC blood test and find out what vitamin/mineral deficiencies you might have that you need to take additional supplements for daily.  You can decipher the results of blood test yourself or have a copy sent to your regular physician and discuss the results with them.  Knowing what your body needs help with in the vitamin world is one of the simplest and most effective ways of making sure your “machine” has what it needs to do its own job of healing.  The earth gave us an herb for almost any ailment you can think of.  For example when I had cancer, I drank Essiac Tea, which was just an herbal blend to make tea out of that was said to cure cancer by the Native American culture.  I also saw a herbologist after my chemo treatments to further support my body during its return to health.  Certain herbs like Turmeric are really more in the food based category being that it is a spice and is highly cancer fighting so taking a few things of this nature while fighting cancer can be extremely beneficial.  However, high amounts of herbs in your system can interact and have adverse effects with traditional radiation and chemo treatments and drugs/prescriptions as well as be very taxing on your organs so I highly suggest consulting with your doctors and/or a licensed herbologist (not someone who is only selling MLM’s etc.) to review herbal usage while undergoing chemo/radiation.  When you are in remission and rebuilding your body’s immune system and health herbs can be amazingly beneficial.  If you want to use herbs to help various ailments heal or for general health maintenance, I highly recommend seeing a certified herbalist in your area.  A few visits with one of these trained professionals and they will do a thorough health intake to determine what is safest and best for your specific circumstances.  They will do muscle testing and get you on the exact herbs you need and figure the correct dosages for your body and health concerns.  The results are amazing!
Vitamin C Seems to be of Significant Importance During Cancer Treatment:
Additional Articles:

*Here in Casper, Wyoming I recommend:
Wellness Screening
1988 E. 1
St. Casper, WY 82601
They are fast, no waiting forever, very friendly and you get the results very quickly.

6.    OILS:
Everything in life needs lubrication; a lot of our lives revolve around oil in many forms, use this to your advantage and make them work for you.  Over the last decade much information has been spread about how important “good oils” are compared to bad ones. This is in regards to cholesterol and heart health but the “good oils” have many other important nutritional and healing properties as well.  The omega fatty acids in good oils nourish your brain and many cellular functions as well as keep your digestive system healthy.  You should never consume hydrogenated oils of any kind which includes most brands of shortening and margarine.  Just like with sugars return to what is natural and use in normal moderation and you won’t have to do hours of research about this.  For cooking, baking and general eating regular organic butter is healthy and fine.  Butters and oils are among the most important things besides berries to buy organic because since butter is basically churned cream any hormones fed to cows all filter down into a high concentration into the butter.  The other oils to have in your house for cooking and baking or to use medicinally need to all be organic and of high quality for this same reason because they are highly concentrated substances of whatever they were derived from meaning any pesticides or chemicals used in growing and processing are also highly concentrated.  The healthiest best oils for your heart health, metabolism, mental health and immune system are:
Best used for high heat like (sautéing and stir fry)
Olive Oil
Sesame Oil
Best for putting in smoothies as supplement
Cannabis/Hemp Oil (Both are Cancer Fighting)
Best for spreading on foods
Real Butter
Coconut Oil

 (Listed in order of importance, also anyone may use these at any time, stage or situation in which immune system is compromised or needs building)                              

1.    Wheatgrass
I already mentioned this earlier, but I will stress again the importance that in my opinion if you do nothing else to support yourself during cancer do this.  I drank up to 8oz. a day while I was sick and I am convinced it saved my life!

2.    Mushrooms- fresh, dried or in supplement form
Did you know that mushrooms have the closest DNA structure to humans than any other plant?  This makes them highly useful to our receptors in using them nutritionally.  I highly recommend Host Defense Mycommunity Immune Support or this brand in any form.  I took these when my immune system was failing from waitressing and picking up dirty plates and couldn’t get well with anything else.  I took these for 30 days and didn’t get sick for the rest of winter. 

Additional Articles:

3.    Probiotics
Probiotics are so important for anyone but especially when you are sick!  Your intestinal health is almost 75% of your immune system and nothing tears up your digestion or colon like chemo and radiation.  Either buy kefir/yogurt and eat at least two times a day or just buy in supplement form.  Liquid is best because it is more readily absorbable.  You have to keep the supplements/liquids in the refrigerator so it is best to buy these local instead of online.

4.    Colloidal Silver
Just like how it sounds, it is silver in liquid form and is a powerful antibiotic that doesn’t upset your stomach or further harm your immune system, the following article has everything you need to know about it.

5.    Bone Marrow Soup
A powerful broth made from animal bones that you can make yourself.  I used to pour it in ice cube trays to make daily doses for myself to melt individually.

6.    Umeboshi Plum
You can buy or make your own, but these are pickled Japanese plums that are highly alkalizing to the blood to correct acidic ph. levels.

7.    Garlic
Even though most people know how good garlic is for the immune system, the fact is you kill the antibiotic/antiviral properties of garlic if you cook it.  You must ingest garlic raw to receive its powerful benefits.  If you chop it up fine, you can put in salad dressings, or add to anything after you are done cooking it.  Another secret tip if you are using garlic medicinally is that it needs to be chopped and exposed to air for at least a half hour to turn it into an antibiotic/antiviral.  You will still receive benefits from cooked garlic just not nearly as effective.
8.    Lemon
It seems like there’s nothing lemons won’t do.  The following articles will give you some ideas though of just how versatile and powerful these pretty yellow little rays of sunshine are.

9.    Sea Vegetables/Green Algae’s
Wakame, Kombu, Spirulina, oh my, it is fun to learn how to use these and if you like salt you will love incorporating these into your diet.

10.   Goji Berries
Yummy little red berries that are so good for you!  Prescribed in Chinese medicine for ages.

11.   Chia Seeds
Cha Cha Cha Chia!  Yes these are the same seeds from the chia pets in the 80’s.  I don’t know why it took everyone so long to actually start eating them.  Sprinkle these on your yogurt or in a smoothie for their wonderful omega 3 oils and for energy!  On a side note if you are battling prostate cancer these are not recommended due to the high content of alpha-linoleic acid.

12.   Diatomaceous Earth
I found this clay like substance to be fascinating the more I read about it.  I haven’t used it personally but am highly interested in trying some.  Check it out in the below comprehensive article.

(Listed in order of importance)

1.    Wheatgrass
I already mentioned this earlier, but I will stress again the importance that in my opinion if you do nothing else to support yourself during cancer do this.  I drank up to 8oz. a day while I was sick and I am convinced it saved my life!

2.    Mushrooms- fresh, dried or in supplement form
Did you know that mushrooms have the closest DNA structure to humans than any other plant?  This makes them highly useful to our receptors in using them nutritionally.  I highly recommend Host Defense Mycommunity Immune Support or this brand in any form.  I took these when my immune system was failing from waitressing and picking up dirty plates and couldn’t get well with anything else.  I took these for 30 days and didn’t get sick for the rest of winter.

3.    Cannabis Oil
The whole world can stand by and debate whether people should be getting high off marijuana or not but don’t let that deter you from the real importance in this plant, is in its amazing medicinal properties.  There have been more cases documented of people healing from cancer with cannabis oil than any other thing I have researched besides the wheatgrass.

4.    Essiac Tea
The Native Americans used this herbal blend of tea to fight disease and it has been used in holistic cancer treatments for the last 100 years.

5.    Turmeric
Turmeric is an Indian spice that has been used in Ayurveda medicine for a very long time.  Taken in supplement form it has so many uses including a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and has been proven to rapidly take down cancer cells.

6.     Baking Soda
It is hard to believe that while the world spends billions on cancer treatments and research something so simple that can be found in the average household could be so healing.  Read about it here:

7.    Tomatoes, Strawberries any fruit or veggie that is red, yellow or orange.
The secret here is that these fruits and veggies contain lycopene which is a natural cancer fighter.  Try to incorporate as much of these as possible into your diet while in treatment and after.

8.    Soursop Fruit & Guanabana
I have not personally tried these fruits, as they can be hard to find locally but the evidence written about them keeps popping up everywhere and is very convincing so it is worth checking out.

9.    Kombucha
A fermented mushroom tea that is highly alkanalizing to the blood and wonderful for digestion.

10.    Miso
Miso is a Japanese paste made out of fermented soy beans.  It can be used to make soup, dressings or to flavor rice.
I love this stuff and have used it for years.  A little known fact is that it can extract nicotine from the bloodstream for anyone trying to quite tobacco products.  Its consumption has been linked to a significantly low rate of breast cancer.
This was first studied when looking at world population’s rate of breast cancer when it was found that Japanese women are among the lowest at risk for this.  You can buy Miso at any natural foods store and it is quite flavorful.

10. Black Cumin Seed Oil
11. Honey
These two items are ones that I don’t know personally much about for curing cancer but found while doing this research and thought them worthy enough of mentioning for consideration.

Hair Care
Get Wiggy With It!
If you lose your hair during treatment, there are many programs out there that will provide you with a free wig.  I myself sported many types of wigs and even had fun watching men almost crash their motorcycles when I had my long blonde one on compared to shorter darker styles.  Ha ha ha!  I enjoyed learning how to tie scarves as well with big earrings for a gypsy look.  However when your hair grows back my doctor recommended Nioxin shampoos and conditioners and I was very pleased with them.  I also really like Avalon Organic’s Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner; it has no sulfates and smells divine!  Both work really well, it just depends on your preference but Nioxin has a scalp treatment in their system 2 that I had great results with for growing back strong and healthy hair.  Rosemary is an excellent tonic for the scalp and you can make your own.(See Below)  As they say don’t be surprised if it comes back a different color, wavy when it was straight or vice versa.  You can also take a biotin supplement to help further support healthy hair and nail growth when you finish treatment.

Where to Find Wigs:

Check out this beautiful series of videos done by the some very inspiring people who present elegant and dignified solutions of how to have fun wearing scarves!

Natural Home Treatments for Your Scalp and Regrowing Hair:
Super East Rosemary Scalp Rinse For Itchiness or Irritation:

Other Natural Homemade Remedies for Help in Regrowing Hair:

Skin Brushing:
By simply buying a skin brush at any natural food store or Bed Bath and Beyond type place you can boost your immune system and help flush toxins out of your system while in treatment or any time.  You can do this wet or dry but I prefer wet in the shower.  There is a specific way to do it but the most important aspect is to always brush in strokes towards your heart.  Here is a more detailed article to help you:

Never use a deodorant that has aluminum in it.
We have many lymph nodes around the chest and breast tissue for men and women that the aluminum absorbs right into and has been linked to a huge increase in cancer especially breast cancer!!! Tom’s of Main long lasting is my favorite non-aluminum deodorant for its scents and effectiveness.
You can also use the natural crystals that you wet and rub on.

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