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Building the Immune System for Cold Season

Even though Autumn and Winter are my favorite times of the year, we are entering the notorious season for colds and flu’s that can kill your energy and holiday fun.  The following is a list of my favorite immune building products that I use to proactively guard my immune system in this season.  In addition to incorporating some of these products into your daily nutrition, staying active even when the weather changes and receiving regular massages will also keep your immune system in its optimal state.  This is because exercise and massage aids in flushing out toxins from your body quickly and effectively contributing to homeostasis in the body.  The following are my favorites due to their effectiveness, no side effects and price (especially when you compare the cost to a doctor’s visit and waiting there for hours while you feel at your worst).  Instead of waiting to catch the crud this year, practice preventative measures by building up your immune system now.  You may take all of these or 1or 2 but stock your medicine cabinet now with these amazing little immune helpers and you will thank yourself later!
* Always read labels of these products as they have the best information of how long and how much you should be taking.

1. Ashwaganda

Ashwaganda is an Ayurvedic (Indian, Hindu Alternative Medicine System) herb that is used to actually help the body adapt to stress by bringing down levels of cortisol in the body.  Cortisol is the flight or fight hormone that is released when we are dealing with stress, but constant or high levels of it break down the immune system.  This is why we are more prone to catching colds right when we seem to be already dealing with too much in our lives.  In this way Ashwaganda works double time to help you actually feel calmer and guards your immune system.  I have used it now for about a year for anxiety/stress and have seen so many benefits that I can feel a huge drop in my well being if I skip a few days taking it.  I have provided side links to these products for you to purchase on Amazon or you may get them locally at Natural Grocers or Alpenglow Natural Foods here in Casper, Wyoming.

2. Cayenne, Ginger and Tumeric

I combined these on this list of mine because they all have very similar properties and are gentle and extremely beneficial for many everyday uses any time of the year.  Fresh is best for the ginger and turmeric but the turmeric can be hard to find fresh so you can just mix all three of these together in a drink from powder or take the capsule supplement form before and/or during any illness.  As all of these amazing herbs are powerful anti-viral and anti-fungal immune builders in addition to treating pain (particularly with arthritis or in joints), inflammation, circulatory and digestive disorders.  The following is a link to a great article about this with a drink recipe included.

3. Echinacea

By now you probably know about this herb for taking during an illness but you can take it preventatively too when you are at increased risk (such as working in health fields, restaurants or travelling). Echinacea fights infections and was used as an antibiotic way before pharmecueticals antibiotics were produced.  Echinacea also increases chemicals in the body that decrease inflammation, which might reduce cold and flus.
As with most herbs, don't skimp on the quality you purchase just for a good price, because the effectiveness has everything to do with how it is grown and harvested.

4. Lemons

Always have fresh lemons in your kitchen for fall and winter!  Add them to every glass of water and tea that you drink for extra fresh vitamin c in your diet and because they help clean your liver and body of toxins.

5. Medicinal Mushrooms
There is so many amazing things to say about the benefit of mushrooms.  These little plant geniuses are one of natures most beneficial gifts to human health and yet still so little is said about eating or taking mushroom supplements.  The following is a link to a wonderful article on this that includes a talk with Paul Stamets, who created the best blend on the market I have ever found and is an accomplished Mycologist. 

6. Olive Leaf

Olive leaf was first used medicinally in Ancient Egypt.  It was a symbol of heavenly power and was even used to mummify pharaohs.  It has been used since as a powerful defense against illness and has multiple other benefits such as increasing energy, regulating healthy blood pressure, and supporting the cardiovascular system.  I think the oil is the most effective so I have included a link to that so you can see what it looks like.  (Barlean's is a wonderful company for high quality organic oils).

7. Probiotics
If you are like me and have digestive issues, you are probably already taking probiotics to keep your colon healthy.  However, many people still don't realize how much your colon relates to your immune system.  When there is an imbalance of bad bacteria in the intestine it wrecks your ability to fight viruses and bacteria so you should be taking these especially all fall and winter.  Buy high quality living probiotics at your local health food store as these need refrigeration at all times. 

8. Colloidal Silver

Yes it is silver in liquid form and is a powerful antibiotic that doesn’t upset your stomach or further harm your immune system.  So powerful in fact that many pharmeceutical companies want to have it banned because it is ten times better and healthier than the expensive and ineffective antibiotics on the market. The following article has everything you need to know about it.

9. Source Naturals Wellness Formula
This blend is a comprehensive multi-vitamin and multi-herb supplement that addresses potential imbalances in all the bodies systems.  If you do nothing else on this list definitely grab a bottle of these for an easy and effective way of guarding yourself against workplace/school colds and flus. 
I hope this articles helps you be well this season so you can enjoy all the beauty and fun activities of fall.  Many harvest blessings to you and your loved ones!

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Tom Hardy Sty on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 11:43 PM
Thank you for sharing this! Just what I’ve been searching for. Great info!
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