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"The Lesson of the Lotus- A Message to the Depressed, Confused and Overwhelmed Spiritual Seekers"

I recently treated myself to a weekend yoga and meditation retreat near Fort Collins at the Shambhala Mountain Center.  I went because I did not take any time off for the holidays from work and was feeling like I needed to surround myself with some other spiritually inclined “seekers” and gather some higher energy for myself.  I also just watched one of my best friends slowly die this last month and said goodbye to him for the last time before I left for my retreat.  Even though I had already booked my retreat before I knew how sick my friend was, it was perfect timing to have some space to myself alone to sort through my feelings about losing him.  I also had an intuitive feeling that there was some kind of message for me up on that mountain in Red Feather Lake, CO.  That proved to be exactly the case on the Saturday during my retreat.  I received an answer to a burning existential crisis that has been haunting me my whole life.  One that is so powerful it should be shouted from the rooftops of all buildings and plastered over every bullshit advertisement, on every billboard in the world; which is why I want to share it with you my dear fellow seekers of evolution.

As I embarked on the 15 minute hike up to the great stupa of Dharmakaya located on the property of Shambhala Mountain Center, I thought about how fortunate I am to live so close to such an enchanting place of wonder.  The walk alone is gorgeously inspiring and instead of going with the group tour I went early to sit by myself in the stupa.  I sat on a cushion in front of a giant Buddha and meditated for about half an hour before the tour group arrived with one of the meditation teachers. 
Once everyone arrived, the teacher asked if anyone had any questions about the inside of the stupa.  A young woman gently commented on the fact that the lotus flower is often used in Buddhist artwork and culture and inquired about its symbolism and meaning.  I am so glad I was there to hear the teacher’s reply. The teacher humbly answered that the lotus is a symbol of rising up, existing peacefully and thriving out of the dark muddy water.  Indeed when I looked up information on this unique flower it turns out it is the only water flower capable of this.   “The roots of a lotus flower extend into the mud and the stem grows up through the water and the flower blossoms above the surface. In Buddhist thought, this pattern of growth signifies the progress of the soul from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, and into the bright sunshine of enlightenment. Though there are other water plants that bloom above the water, it is only the lotus which, owing to the strength of its stem, regularly rises eight to twelve inches above the surface.” 
Excerpt taken from: http://www.religionfacts.com/buddhism/symbols/lotus.htm#sthash.isYyesbd.dpuf

My ears perked up as I realized his simple reply was the key to something very serious I had been thinking about for years and probably “the message” I intuitively knew was there for me. I made a mental note to find the teacher during meal time to delve deeper into this inquiry, outside of a group setting.  That night at dinner I got my opportunity as I noticed the hungry crowd dwindling down and the teacher sitting there finishing up his tea.  I had thought all afternoon about what I wanted to know and ask him and I knew he probably didn’t have that much time, so I approached him very concisely.   I came up to him and without even telling him my name I said, “I heard your answer about the lotus in the stupa, and I’ve been having a serious problem lately with the muck around the lotus.  Do you think there is more muck in the world now to deal with or that we are just more ill-equipped on how to deal with and learn from it?”   He subtly blew my mind, by satiating my well stated, deep question with a purely transcendent answer.  He said he doesn’t buy into all the doom and gloom prophecies about the world although it has been speculated that we are in one of the most difficult time periods for humans and the planet, that the real point and answer to my question was that no matter what time period,  99.9% of being is internal. OH SNAP, WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAN!

There you have it.  I have been studying the science of the mind and manifestation with how energy truly works in this world for many years but never did I understand this concept so clearly as when he dropped that wisdom on me.  I don’t care how screwed up and sad the world seems anymore and I am not going to waste my energy and time focusing all my energy on that.  If 99.9% of our being is internal than all I ever need is to seek solutions to external problems by going internal.  All I need is to use my time on this planet to cultivate a healthy body, a peaceful mind, a wise soul and use my career to help as many other souls do the same as I can.  I am going to be the lotus.  Existential crisis averted.  We spend many years learning how to exist and take care of ours physical selves and needs, as we should.  However after the primitive basics of living are covered like food, shelter, safety, most people never look beyond the curtain of the material tangible world for much else.  The lesson of the lotus is the umbrella over books like “The Secret” and many other spiritual teachers’ publications of the fact that the world is awakening and changing its whole paradigm. 

We are slowly transitioning from a world where we believe in scarcity and having to fight for limited resources in the material world to a consciousness shift that everything we want to manifest or heal comes from our own internal state.  Quantum Physics, has validated through science, much of the knowledge that spiritual text have declared for centuries; that we as humans are not of solid form but are vibrating energy and that whatever frequency our energy is on is also what it will attract.  When I said to the meditation teacher I was having trouble with “the muck” around the lotus.   I was referring to the fact that if you are a seeker like me, that has been trying to be the lotus rising and help heal, in a world that is one big shitstorm, it can be pretty overwhelming and discouraging at times.  In fact the whole effort and experience of human existence can seem downright futile.  But if 99.9% of being is internal, then what I see in the external world and chose to focus on is only a reflection of the shitstorm inside of me and that is also the only path in which I can heal anything from- internally from the inside out.

I can understand that a world that has solely focused on the external and material for so long would not only dismiss but be highly threatened by such a concept of having to look at and clean up your own internal state in order for the external to heal.  We have all been approaching everything ass-backwards, working our fingers to the bone and scratching our heads of what we can do to heal this seemingly broken world, the solution in this Age of Aquarius is and always will be to use the lotus as our teacher.  We are in a time period where no one can seem to get together on anything not even a simple you tube video without conflict.  There are so many problems it seems we have all just thrown our hands up and become apathetic and depressed.    But the answer to all of it if you want to help, if you want to know what this world needs the most, it needs you to go inward.  All you can do to help the world is to help yourself.  This doesn’t  mean being selfishly inclined to only care about the shallow gathering of gluttonous material possessions and experiences.  It means that if you look at and heal your internal state everything externally around you will follow.  You will be one little piece of a microcosm contributing positively to the bigger macrocosm and therefore be helping the whole world rise.  Explore and heal your internal state and then you will be able to heal and manifest a world around you and for future generations that is a beautiful, harmoniously functioning reflection of one’s own beautiful, harmoniously functioning body, mind and soul.  Sound like hooey to you?  Just read about quantum physics, because there is a whole branch of new science that can back this up.  It is us that have not awakened and accepted this reality yet. So be brave, choose to explore this new paradigm shift and rise up and thrive like the beautiful lotus you were meant to be no matter what kind of muck is all around you.  You will be working smarter not harder at everything to eliminate suffering and confusion within yourself and others.  The treasures it will bring you are unparalleled and you will be an example to the rest of the world as well as being an antenna, raising the vibration for all others, making it easier for them to understand also.


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Willium on Monday, March 14, 2016 11:41 PM
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Today, I just have realized, why is lotus flower is always present in the ancient artworks and artifacts in an Asian country. This flower is exceptional. It has an inspiring exemplification of how the life of individual works. We can learn a lot from it. The lotus will first appear in the mud until it grows and extends its stem to reach the water surface. In there, this flower will start to bloom. We can compare this in our situations in life. It just wanted to tell us that good things in life might be found in unlikely situations, like how a beautiful flower once lived in a mud. In the sense, depression and anxieties can be beneficial for, it just depends on how we deal with it.
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