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Sound Therapy- Science and Sound for Healing
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"The Emperor Has No Clothes" -Why DoTerra, "Aromatouch" and "Raindrop Therapy" is Dangerous and Unethical


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Sound Therapy- Science and Sound for Healing


Do you constantly feel drained, stressed out, stuck, angry, depressed or full of anxiety?
It is well researched that the leading cause of unhappiness, addiction and disease in the majority of the population, is stress.  As a massage therapist, it is obvious to me, how increasingly difficult it is becoming for people to reach a state of relaxation and therefore health.

STRESS= an external inevitable force that will always be there, we cannot change or control
TENSION= a result of stress internalizing and getting trapped in the body/psyche, we have choice to release

Shattered and Scattered; A Story of My Fragmented Self

Wow, that is a mouthful.  What does this phrase even mean?  What is a fragmented self?

If you are experiencing a fragmented self, it simply means that your intentions are not in line with your actions.  We as humans will probably go in and out of this many times in our souls as we navigate our paths in this life.   To start we have to first ask ourselves what our intentions in life are and then learn the skill and discipline of applying the action of those intentions in a real way.

"The Lesson of the Lotus- A Message to the Depressed, Confused and Overwhelmed Spiritual Seekers"

I recently treated myself to a weekend yoga and meditation retreat near Fort Collins at the Shambhala Mountain Center.  I went because I did not take any time off for the holidays from work and was feeling like I needed to surround myself with some other spiritually inclined “seekers” and gather some higher energy for myself.  I also just watched one of my best friends slowly die this last month and said goodbye to him for the last time before I left for my retreat.  Even though I had already booked my retreat before I knew how sick my friend was, it was perfect timing to have some space to myself alone to sort through my feelings about losing him.

What is Self-Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me.......


What is love?  Not just a question for the 90’s techno song but a deeply profound question that has been asked for centuries and will remain one of the most mysterious and unique of human experiences on this earth plane.  As a soul that seeks to understand the nature of love in my life, my path has continually seemed to direct me back towards self-love, as the foundation for comprehending all other forms of love.

Believing in Abundance

We as the human race were given the gift of evolving on an incredibly abundant and generous overflowing planet of resources and potential.  What have we done with it?  Not only have we been destroying the very resources that would sustain us naturally but mankind has created a social system within the planet that is a lie.  The grand lie is that we don't have enough of what we need, so in order to survive, that some people get to live well, comfortably, struggling, poor or not at all.
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