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"The Emperor Has No Clothes" -Why DoTerra, "Aromatouch" and "Raindrop Therapy" is Dangerous and Unethical
Headaches: Causes and Holistic Cures
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"The Emperor Has No Clothes" -Why DoTerra, "Aromatouch" and "Raindrop Therapy" is Dangerous and Unethical


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"The Emperor Has No Clothes" -Why DoTerra, "Aromatouch" and "Raindrop Therapy" is Dangerous and Unethical

My intention in my massage practice and my holistic living blog is to provide the public with honest, time tested knowledge into the world of holistic healing, with an ethical consideration for the public’s health and safety as well as an ethical consideration to the entire field of healing arts and my fellow professional colleagues who have dedicated their time, money and hearts to careers in the holistic fields of study. With this said please understand that when I say professional colleagues, I am referring to people who have attended legitimate educational institutes monitored closely by state regulating boards, not mail order certificates or training offered by multi-level marketing companies selling their products.

Headaches: Causes and Holistic Cures

I would like to discuss the subject of headaches this month, as this time of year can bring on headaches more than any other season due to the blossoming of different pollens and fluctuations in weather patterns.  We will explore some of the causes and some information on holistic cures for every day headaches to more severe migraines.  Throughout the medical profession, headaches have remained an elusive subject to diagnose and treat due to the broad array of variables that cause them.



The word inflammation in Latin means “to ignite or set alight”.  Put simply, inflammation can be described as our body’s natural response to any injury or agitation of our tissues.  On a deeper level, the inflammatory response “sets alight” a plethora of cellular wonders designed to protect and heal the area.

There are two types of inflammation.  The first one is acute inflammation.  The word acute is synonymous with words like serious, critical or dire.

Building the Immune System for Cold Season

Even though Autumn and Winter are my favorite times of the year, we are entering the notorious season for colds and flu’s that can kill your energy and holiday fun.  The following is a list of my favorite immune building products that I use to proactively guard my immune system in this season.  In addition to incorporating some of these products into your daily nutrition, staying active even when the weather changes and receiving regular massages will also keep your immune system in its optimal state.

The Anti-Stress Remedy That Everyone Should Know About!

As us folks in Wyoming wait for the weather to actually feel like spring, I feel that the effects of this vibrant season have been in full force for the last two months.  Spring and autumn are the two seasons in the year that are all about transition.  While autumn represents a slowing down into hibernation, spring represents a speeding up into awakening and the birth of new life. Though this is a beautiful process, I feel a bit like a grumpy bear being woken up from my peaceful winter slumber.

A Beginners Guide to Internal Cleansing for Spring

Spring Goddess Internal Cleansing for SpringAs the ground unfreezes and little buds of new life start peeking out with the promise of spring, there is a natural feeling of new freshness all around.  In holistic healing our bodies tend to operate best when our actions coincide with the seasons we are experiencing in the external world.  Spring is the perfect time to cleanse our bodies so that we can experience the joy of being in tune with the new life opportunities that the season has to offer. I began doing internal cleanses when I was only 16 years old and very much by trial and error.

What is Ear Candling and How Do You Do It?

Pineal Gland Eye of HorusEar Candling goes back to ancient Egypt and was not only used to clean the ear canal and sinus cavity out but was thought to open the “Eye of Horus” which was actually a reference to the pineal gland or the highest chakra (third eye). Medicinally ear candling draws yeast and ear wax out of your sinus cavity and ear canal by creating a vacuum with flame.  Ear candling is totally safe and can be beneficial to anyone but especially people that are prone to ear and sinus infections. You never want to do ear candling while you have an ear or sinus infection.

How To Use a Neti Pot

Neti Pot Usage
A neti pot is a small clay pot (you can findplastic ones too which canbe better inbathrooms with hard tile floor or if you have children where it'seasier to break a clay one).  A neti potlookslike a small tea kettle with an extra-long spout on the end used to run saline water through your nasal cavity.  You can buy them at any health food storeor online.  If you suffer from allergies or sinus problems, your first line of defense is a neti pot.  You can even use them if you just need to clean out your sinuses after being on a dusty trail or cleaning a dirty room to prevent infections and headaches from irritants.

How To Cure A Sinus Infection Naturally

I have struggled with a weak immune system since I was 19 years old.  I am now 32 and my biggest challenge every year for the last 5 or 6 years has been getting reoccurring sinus infections no matter what season it is.  Because I have gotten these so frequently in my life, I am becoming more and more resistant to the normal antibiotics that doctors prescribe to treat my sinus infections.  Besides the resistance you build up to the effectiveness, being on antibiotics further knocks out your immune system which can cause reoccurences immediately or open you up to other illnesses.
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