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The Anti-Stress Remedy That Everyone Should Know About!

As us folks in Wyoming wait for the weather to actually feel like spring, I feel that the effects of this vibrant season have been in full force for the last two months.  Spring and autumn are the two seasons in the year that are all about transition.  While autumn represents a slowing down into hibernation, spring represents a speeding up into awakening and the birth of new life. Though this is a beautiful process, I feel a bit like a grumpy bear being woken up from my peaceful winter slumber.

A Beginners Guide to Internal Cleansing for Spring

Spring Goddess Internal Cleansing for SpringAs the ground unfreezes and little buds of new life start peeking out with the promise of spring, there is a natural feeling of new freshness all around.  In holistic healing our bodies tend to operate best when our actions coincide with the seasons we are experiencing in the external world.  Spring is the perfect time to cleanse our bodies so that we can experience the joy of being in tune with the new life opportunities that the season has to offer. I began doing internal cleanses when I was only 16 years old and very much by trial and error.

5 Super Foods for Nutrients and Energy

Food in modern times has become more about comfort and indulgence than health.  There is however the school of thought that food can be used as medicine.  The following is a short and quick list of 5 superfoods that are safe, easy to prepare, and can have amazing far reaching health benefits!  

1. Unprocessed Cacao Beans(beans chocolate is made from)  
Unprocessed Cacao beans by themselves or in the form of chocolate that has been cool pressed rather than roasted (so it does not destroy the health properties from heat) are among one of the highest antioxidant rich foods in the world.
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